Awarenessbased DeHypnosis & Inner-Team-Focusing® (ITF)

Awarenessbased DeHypnosis and Inner-Team-Focusing® (ITF) has been developed by Jörg Fuhrmann as a holistic approach that is based on contemplative mindfulness and selectively incorporates the wisdom of the body with the inner trance work. Certainly, the ITF is based on the idea to be more than just a method or a methods Fusion. Because, as we all know, the experience of genuine contacts in the “here and now” and the conscious recognition of oneself has the greatest  healing potential. Therefore, the ITF considers itself more as an “Process-oriented awareness-philosophy” which goal is “De-hypnosis” – if it even has one.

One of the basic ideas of ITF is based on what Transpersonal Psychology has been called a “consensus trance”: Throughout society we are all continually arrested in trances without an glimpse of awareness about this fact. Because for us “modern unconscious Caveman” these collective trances are rated as “normal Consciousness”.

These “Trances” were, induced by our parents, family, friends, educators, pedagogues, teachers, pastors, and of course, through the media. The only problem with this is, that our modern cultures provide no periods of conscious Recovery and collective DeHypnosis – like the Greeks still had. These continual focalizations and dissociations – both are essential for a successful hypnosis – are the true Creators of our different internal parts of the personality ( “ego states”).  So we work in the ITF Training with induced trances, the personality facets, the repressed shadow shares – in the sense of C.G. Jung – and sometimes with unhealthy ego fixations which have emerged often from a believed, or as real experienced deficit. This work opens up a whole new framework and space, which gives Hypnosis back the Body and the deeper inner Awareness. Complicated doublebind-situations and ambiguous orders often get solved in a very elegant and gentle manner.


Jörg Fuhrmann is an Expert for Crisis, DeHypnosis and Trancetherapy. He has studied Social Science, Art and Dramatheatre. He also travelled around the World to different transpersonal Teachers and Shamans. He´s on a guided spiritual Path of integral Mysticism (since 2005 as a student of Zen-Master Willigis Jäger) since 1999 and works as a Gestalttherapist (ECP/WCP)/ Eurotas Certified Transpersonal Therapist & Supervisor (ESTP) in Switzerland, close to the German Border near Lake Constance. He is the Founder of freiraum-Institute (2006) – which means “free- or open space” – and has worked many years as a Board certified Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists™ (NGH™) as well as a Speaker and Lecturer at different German Universities. He is also a Trainer at the biggest European Centre for Mysticism, Awareness and Zen and was trained by Grof Transpersonal Training since 2008 in Holotropic Breathwork™. Since 2013 he is working on his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Actually he is developing a Transpersonal Trancetherapy-Training with different EUROTAS-Trainers.