Psychotherapy-Worldcongress (WCP) at UNESCO-Paris with Jörg Fuhrmann speaking @ MAISON DE L'UNESCO
Jul 24 @ 10:00 – Jul 28 @ 19:00
Psychotherapy-Worldcongress (WCP) at UNESCO-Paris with Jörg Fuhrmann speaking @ MAISON DE L'UNESCO | Paris-7E-Arrondissement | Île-de-France | Frankreich

Beyond the Brain - Ultimate Love and Holotropic States of Consciousness

Nothing is so fullpacked with hopes, emotions, ideals, visions and energy as a close relation. And it also brings up to Awareness all the other qualities, which we normally don´t want to have or maybe even don´t feel very much related too: fear, anger, pain, envy, guilt, shame, loss etc. So the Relation is always a risk and a big Chance at the same time. When we see the circumstances under which archetypal or biographical conditions and personal preferences people choose one another it really seems like an “miracle” that one finds another and stays with him for a long time – maybe for a lifetime. Especially the elemental Crisis which often occur sooner or later in close Relationships seem to be really good Catalysts for Breaking through into other States of Awareness and Mindfulness beside the classical western EGO-Structure.

My Thesis for this Presentation is, that “Love” is a – or is related to an – expanded State of Consciousness. For this we “modern Minds” generally need some sort of “Opener”. Often Clients experienced such kind of Opener in personal Crisis or Peak-States which where induced through some sort of spiritual Practice, like Meditation or Yoga, or through Sports and other Everyday-Practices like Walking in Nature. Studies show that close and intimate Relationships by Heart are also a very profound “Opener” for this Expanded Consciousness which can lead into a much bigger Understanding of “Love” that is not exclusive but including Life itself or in general. In our western Tradition we find this Experience quite clearly in the Love-Poems of the Middle-Age-Mystics.

In my presentation I want to investigate Methods and Techniques which are used in the psychotherapeutical Setting and which are suitable for inviting the so called “holotropic States of Consciousness” (Stanislav Grof). I further on want to give a Guideline for Safety and Setting.

Jörg Fuhrmann is an Expert for Crisis-Navigation, DeHypnosis and Trancetherapy. He has studied Social Science, Transpersonal Psychology and Dramatheatre. He travelled around the World to different Teachers and Shamans for 20 Years now. He accomplished the Training in Holotropic Breathwork™ with Prof. Stanislav Grof and did a 5-Year Training with Dr. Claudio Naranjo. Jörg Fuhrmann is on a guided spiritual Path of Mysticism by Zen-Master/ Bendictian Willigs Jäger and works as a Gestalttherapist (ECP/WCP)/ Eurotas Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (ECTP) and as Eurotas- Supervisor (ESTP) in Switzerland, near Lake Constance. He´s Founder of freiraum-Institute and has worked many years as a Board certified Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists™ as well as a Speaker and Lecturer at different Universities. He´s also a Trainer at the biggest European Centre for Mysticism, Awareness and Zen. Since 2013 he is working on his PhD in Transpersonal Psychology: www.freiraum-institut.ch

International Transpersonal Conference “BEYOND MATERIALISM – TOWARDS WHOLENESS” by Stanislav Grof ITC-Prague @ Top Hotel Praha
Sep 28 @ 16:00 – Oct 2 @ 16:00

International Transpersonal Conference “BEYOND MATERIALISM – TOWARDS WHOLENESS” by Stanislav Grof in Prague – Also supported by EUROTAS

The mission of the conference is to present an exclusive series of lectures, panel discussions and experiential workshops delivered by legendary founders of transpersonal psychology and key figures of the current transpersonal movement, as well as by young and progressive adepts. Our aim is to facilitate a major gathering of scholars, researchers, practitioners, supporters and all other kinds of people interested in transpersonal movement and new paradigm sciences.

We would like to honor and celebrate 50 years of the existence of transpersonal psychology as well as to follow the tradition of large international transpersonal conferences of the past. After exactly 25 years from the first and highly successful conference at “the heart of Europe”, we are again calling a transpersonal assembly in our beautiful and “magic” city Prague, famous for its important role in the history of spirituality, alchemy and science.

Goals of the ITC-Prague Conference

To bring together a wide array of prominent speakers, the key figures of transpersonal movement
To enable mutual sharing of current issues from different branches of transpersonal psychology, a discipline that has recently reached its 50th year of existence
To facilitate a major gathering of people involved in the transpersonal and new paradigm movement, from the legendary founders and seasoned practitioners to young adepts and supporters, and to have good time together
To follow the tradition of the large international transpersonal conferences of the past, especially the one that took place in Prague 25 years ago
To present contemporary findings from the fields of psychedelic research, transpersonal psychotherapy, consciousness studies, archetypal cosmology, shamanic healing, and many others
To support the global ideas of freedom, peace, sustainability, mutual respect, tolerance and understanding








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